Yin Deficient Dog Recipe

Yes you can create a diet based upon your dogs behavior. For example dog with Yin deficiency. These dogs may exhibit behaviors such as fear, timid, weary of strangers or a member of the family, isolate, or can be clingy, have separation anxiety or over submissive.

These dogs generality do not like cold weather, they seek heat at the fire place or heating vent, they lie under the covers or in the sun, or on the carpet.

They may experience lethargic, diarrhea, and have a pale tongue and weakness. This may be an older dog.

These dogs diet should include foods that are warming. Warming is based on the thermal temperature of the food. You may relate to the warming effects of ginger root or Cayenne Pepper.

Dogs that are Yin deficient meals should be prepared lightly cooked and not fed raw except for bone.

This is a Meal I created for a 45# dog that is Nutritionally Balanced meeting the recommended daily allowance

.7 oz Deer (venison), cooked

2.5 oz Chicken, liver, cooked

0.5 ounce Chicken, giblets, cooked

4.5 ounce Chicken, wing, meat and skin, fed raw

0.25 oz Rice, white, long-grain, cooked

1 large Egg, whole, cooked, hard-boiled

1 oz, drained oyster, canned

1 oz Squash, winter, butternut, cooked, baked, without salt

3 ounce Spinach, raw

1 clove Garlic, raw

Kelp Powder (read label to get the proper dosage for your dogs weight)

1 teaspoon Omega-3Fish Oil

0.5 tsp Fish oil, cod liver

0.25 teaspoon Barleans Flax Seed Oil (red label

)1 tbsp Oil, coconut

1 drops Now Brand Vitamin E

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