Home Made Peanut Butter for dogs

What’s the best Peanut Butter for dogs?

Dogs love peanut butter, so we make treats and stuff kongs with little thought about the ingredients and it’s potential harm.

I want to the grocery store and started looking at the peanut butter brands and checking out their ingredients and what I found was eye opening. Interestingly there is more then just peanuts in the ingredients. So I went home and had to look them up, let me share what I learned. Based upon the brands I looked at, these were what was most found on the label.

Sugar: We all know the dangers of sugar: higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, and fatty liver disease and a increased risk for heart attack

Palm Oil: is one of the cheap ingredient found in may foods, it’s very bad for the environment,  refined palm oil is known as a carcinogen which causes cancer,  creates a Fatty Acid Ester which is a geno-toxin that can harm your genetic code DNA & RNA, it triggers inflammatory for dogs who have allergies, arthritis, auto immune, cancer and aging.  Stay away from palm oil.

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil: Many of the natural peanut butters have a layer of oil over the peanut partials.  Through the Hydrogenated process it turns liquid (natural oils ) into a solid.  However, Hydrogenated oil is bad is  because it contains a high level of trans fats, which as we know is artery clogging which increases your risk of heart disease, obesity and other health problems including inflammation and blood sugar levels.

Molasses: Another form of sugar, used for color.

Mono and Diglycerides: Is not a natural food but it is a synthetic emulsifier crated by with Fatty Acids, mono meaning one glycerine, di meaning two glycerides which is one step away from a Triglyceride. We all know that tryglcierides are artery clogging and can cause health issues.

Cotton and rape seed oil: cotton is not considered a food product and therefore it is sprayed very heavily with pesticides. Rape seed oil is used to manufacture as diesel and  jet fuel both low quality ingredients, both highly sprayed and both can be hormone disruptors

After reading ingredients I thought the best solution for my dogs and myself was just to make my own. So I set out to find a bag of peanuts. After visiting four stores I soon found that peanuts, like peanut butter has added ingredients and it was impossible to find just a bag of peanuts. Check out the video to see the brands reviewed and were to buy peanuts with no added oils or salts.

Recipe for making home made peanut butter for dogs and family.

2 cups of roasted Organic peanuts

2 Table Spoons of Organic cold pressed Coconut oil.

there are other ingredients you can use which are mentioned in the video that you can add for natural emulsifiers, salts and sweeteners.

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