What Can I Do For My Dogs Pain?

Pain can come in many forms: ageing, injury, auto immune, and disease.

Painful chronic conditions can affect every aspect of life your dog’s life. It can change how they interact with others, it can be physically exhausting, they can become easily irritated, become depressed, lack mental focus, and it can be emotionally draining.

Sometimes It can be difficult to identify a dog suffering from a pain because it is their natural instinct is to hide it. Dogs are stoic, so we may not even be aware that they are even in pain, especially if we can see a physically cut, a torn toe nail, or swelling. But rather we begin to notice their personality changing. When this happens it’s time to assess what is going on.

It would be good to have your vet take a look, however even if they get a clean bill of health it doesn’t mean nothing is going on at which time it’s time to dig a little deeper and it’s okay to get a second opinion.

This would be a good the time to evaluate and tweak your dog’s diet by adding fresh foods that aid in inflammatory response, increase antioxidants and polyphenols. The ultimate anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant foods are organic leafy and cruciferous vegetables including spinach, broccoli, and kale even herbs and spices like ginger or turmeric can be beneficial. I recommend supper fydoPhoods, Fydo Flex or Fydo Zymes, enzymes have a very important roll in the healing process.

Behavior becomes an issue then seek out assistance from a professional trainer that evaluates from a whole aspect. Oh wait, that’s me…… (Little joke). Dogs that suffer from pain can develop “behavioral” problem: aloofness, refuse to listen, growling, doesn’t eat, barking, aggression, urinating in the house, just to name a few.

I like to address dog’s behaviors with supportive modality like Flower Essences; In these cases I would use Ad-just or Be Strong,I find them extremely subtle yet very effective. Certainly there are other things, CBD Oil seems to be the “in” thing, personally I don’t find it to be as effective in behavioral changes but more so on a physical aspect, yet can help reduce the stress, at least that’s my personal experience.

Dogs that suffer from pain can have actions that we categorized as a “behavioral” problem: aloofness, refuse to listen, growling, doesn’t eat, barking, aggression, urinating in the house, to name a few.

When noticeable changes are happening with your dog, then it’s time to evaluate, make sure they are check out by a vet, change their diet to include and aid to their nutritional needs, train using methods that do not add to the discomfort and be mindful of what they are experiencing. Pain is not always easy to identify, but if change is happening, then it’s time to change our focus and offer them the support they need, through Love.

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The Fresh Pet Chef

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