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Tips to transition your dog to Raw Dog Food Diets

Transiting your canine friends from processed food to Raw Dog Food Diets can be very challenging but you can adopt one of the two strategies for this purpose; a gradual phased approach and a hard cutover approach. In a hard-cut approach, the dog owners stop feeding their pets their existing diet immediately and begin with a raw diet exclusively. Mostly, the healthy and young dogs handle this hard cutover approach but they still can experience gastrointestinal upset or diarrhea in this process.

Due to this reason, the majority of dog owners go with the gradual, phased approach in which they make their dog transition from his current diet to a raw diet gradually. In this method, they increase the amount of raw food gradually over the weeks or days. This raw food is served to the dogs in combination with their current diet. This, in turn, gives time to their digestive tract and system to adjust itself according to the new diet. Some tips that can help you in this transition journey are as follows

  • If your pet is not eating the raw food, mix it with other food items, your dog loves to consume. Afterward, you can reduce the amount of cooked food gradually and increase the amount of raw food.
  • To develop a good and positive association with new Raw Dog Food Diets, try making him introduce it in minimal amounts as treat.
  • When your dog gets accustomed to the raw food, replace the one-time whole meal with the raw food exclusively.
  • Always introduce one new ingredient every day and never exceed this limit of one- ingredient-one-day. It will help your dog identify the new components of his food.
  • To monitor how your canine’s body is reacting to his new raw diet, monitor his stools every day. If he had sloppy or wet stools, it means he’s suffering from digestive difficulties.
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