Emerging Market of Fresh Dog Foods

The fresh pet food market throughout the world is estimated an annual growth rate of above 24% from 2019 to 2023, as stated by the recent market research report. The main factor driving the progress of the market is the increasing approval of fresh pet foods.

Besides, educated pet owners want to choose pet foods that offer maximum advantages in their pet’s health and longevity as they desire better for their dogs as compared to kibble. Thus, there is an emerging market for fresh pet foods.

Feeding fresh foods to your dog provides several benefits like healthy skin and fur, perfect body conditions, bone health, movement, brain growth, and a healthy balanced lifestyle. And for those of us that have made the change to fresh foods for our dogs know it is all about superior health, and getting extra time with our four legged family members.

Fresh pet foods are indeed further bioavailable instead of those prepared by extremely processed ingredients. This explains the vital long-standing health advantages a fresh food offers.

What is fresh pet food?

Fresh pet food is homemade that people can eat; that contains high-quality protein, vegetables, grains, as well as supplements to fulfill the nutritional requirements. Fresh pet food has less or no preservatives, plus it is kept in the frozen and defrosted, to retain freshness among servings.

Twenty years ago when I began feeding my dogs a raw diet, it was unheard of, but pet parents pressed on and demanded better quality food for their dog. A new market emerged offering commercial raw with Steve Browns Real Food and Dr. Billinghurst BARF brands dog food. As alternative to raw new companies arose offering dehydrated and freeze dried such as Stella and Chewys, Primal, and Honest Kitchen. Even the kibble manufactures jumped on the band wagon by offering raw food sprinkled and baked on to their kibble.

Although we are moving into the right direction there is a division between raw feeders and the newly evolved premade fresh pet foods that are sold over the internet much like human meal delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.

Cooked vs Raw

Keeping food in its raw natural state preserves all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. If you cook the food, you reduce the nutritional value. The more nutritious the diet, the better it is for your pet, from a shiny coat to a stronger immune system.

Cooked foods will require supplements as there is no bone and cooking decreases the nurturance that raw food offers. People feeling cooked are generally those who Arguments for cooked meat-based diets. However some feel that by cooking it minimizing the risk of exposure to bacteria, like salmonella.

Convince and time is often a reason most that many pet parents will order fresh foods from the internet as oppose to home made. Some of the new companies offering fresh pet foods are mentioned below, which make and completely cook pet foods at a low temperature. These brands use a blend of meats, grains, some nutritious fruits, and vegetables.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog provides freshly prepared, human-grade meals that humans can eat, as well. The brand says it never considers “feed-grade constituents” and its ingredients are obtained responsibly from local farms. In addition, the food is made at low temperatures; thus, pet owners should not try raw food. It reaches frozen, and all meals should be kept in the refrigerator.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom keeps a veterinary nutritionist who guarantees the recipes are produced depending on AAFCO principles, which are the manufacturing standard for pet food. The meals reach frozen and must be thawed in the refrigerator before consumption.

Ensure you have sufficient freezer space as each meal is separately packed, which makes the storage process easier and less disordered.


Ollie preparation methods follow AAFCO principles, and the brand says it obtains its meats from America as well as Australia. The meals reach frozen; however, unopened meals can retain in the refrigerator for two weeks. Based on the feeding guidelines for your dog, each set could have several meals. Thus when you open it, keep the opened set in the refrigerator until you’ve done it.

Spot & Tango

This company sells both fresh kibbles as well as fresh pet food. The fresh pet food is “human-grade” and contains fruits, veggies, meats, as well as grains, and eliminates flavors and preservatives. It must be frozen upon arrival. On the other hand, the fresh kibble is prepared in a space chamber at low temperatures, and it looks like characteristic dog kibble.

Commercial fresh pet foods vs homemade

One of the main benefits of making your dog’s diet is that is that you distinguish precisely what is in the diet. If your dog has food sensitivity’s, health issues, you can design (with the help of a canine nutrition expert) a recipe to fit your dogs need using fresh foods without the need to supplement. New company of fresh food only has limited ingredients that are supplemented to balance.

Fresh dog food is kind to a dog’s digestive system as they do not need to digest the processed constituents present in kibble. Decreasing the processed constituents that your pet has to consume will help them to hold extra energy as their bodies are not decelerated by lengthy, heavy digestion. One thing that is sure about commercial fresh pet food versus homemade is pricier.

A nutritionally balanced fresh pet food or homemade diet is the best option for pets; however, only for pet parents who can do it correctly. If you cannot take care of balancing diets, selecting to feed a commercial fresh pet food is a remarkable alternative.

The Fresh Pet Chef

The Fresh Pet Chef

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