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Super FydoPHoods

For many years, we have been led to believe by both dog food manufactures and by our trusted vet that kibble food in a bag provides our dogs with the necessary nutrients for their health. You would be surprised how far from the truth that is? Common scene tells us different. Nothing beats a fresh diet with wholesome foods for us or for our pets.

​I understand, not everyone has time to make their dogs food and well some might think it’s out of their price range if bought through the local pet store. But there is a way to improve your dog’s food that’s cost effective and provides a healthy alternative, Super FydoPhoods.

Super FydoPhoods is made from nutrient dense, organic, freeze dried veggies, fruits, and herbs that can be customized to your dog’s health and nutritional needs. There are six verities, Super Fydo Flex to support joint health, Super Fydo Mega to support skin and coat, Super Fydo Diem to optimize your dog’s life force, Super Fydo Greens to gently detox, Super Fydo Zymes to support digestive health and Super Fydo Oum for calming.

nutrient dense, organic, freeze dried veggies, fruits, and herbs

Super FydoPhoods is a great way to add vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to your dog’s food that may reduce nutritional gap in your dog’s current diet and allows for optimal health and well-being. Sprinkle on or mix into any homemade recipe. You can provide your dog happiness, longevity, and love with every bite.

Super Fydo Diem

Fydo Diem is Great way to optimize your dogs Life Force with whole food goodness. Nutritionally dense Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants  that an support nutritional gaps from commercial feeding.

Super Fydo Flex

Great way to support both your senior dog and canine athlete. Joint discomfort is not only for the aging dog, but also consider supporting joints for large breed puppies, athletes, sporting, and  working dogs.
Super Fydophoods FydoZymes

Super Fydo Zymes

Enzymes are not just for digestion, they aid in every biological function in the body. As our dogs age their body can become enzyme defiant. Adding natural enzymes not only benifits digestion but benefits whole body.

fydoPhoods Greens for dogs with allergies

Super Fydo Greens

Super Foods can help to balance histamine levels  naturally and  help the body to detox. Keeping the system clean by using dark leafy greens along with foods that reduce inflammatory responses is essential for allergy sufferers.  It is equally important to strengthens the gut and supports the immune system.

Super Fydo Oum

This unique blend helps to create  balance for dogs that experience anxiety, depression, or aggression.

It promotes a calm outlook and can even offer balance for hyper active dogs.

Super Fydo Mega

Specially formulated to promote healthy skin and luscious fur. 

Nutrient dense and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids proven to fortify and thicken hair follicles and reduces hair loss by inhibiting inflammation.

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