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Raw Dog Food Diets and the effects on your dog’s health

Raw Dog Food Diets

Food is one of the most essential aspects of all living beings, whether it’s a human or a dog. However, dogs can’t choose what they should eat. Instead, it’s we who make choices for them. Every pet owner tries his ultimate best to choose only the best food for his furry friend – a diet that is not only good for his energy level and health but also something delicious that his canine companion could truly enjoy. However, since Raw  are growing in popularity, the options are also increasing which in turn, makes it really very challenging for the owners to fish out the best type of dog feed. Thus, to help you out in this process, here we are going to discuss two major dog feed options; fresh food diets and Raw Food Diet.

  • Fresh food

If you feed your dog a fresh and natural diets such as beef, chicken, peas, Spanish, lamb, blueberries, and carrots, it can truly do wonders to his overall well being by increasing his energy level, promoting his heart rate, breath smell, and coats sheen better, impacting his stool and improving his eyesight. If you, as a pet owner, want to cook for your dog, then a recipes is what you’ll need formulated by our nutritionist. Besides preparing a fresh food diet for your dog, you can also go with the fresh food services in which the company will deliver the perfectly cooked fresh food to your doorstep. Such services also offer a wide range of options regarding portion size, delivery frequencies, and recipe choices. Also, most of these services come with easy to comprehend information about feeding schedules, ingredients, and ways to keep your dog’s meal fresh.

  • Raw Dog Food Diet

Raw Dog Food Diets can be store-bought, or homemade. It usually consists of muscle meat, organ meat, ground or whole bone, safe fruits and veggies, dairy products, and raw eggs. By feeding your canine friend this raw diet, you can observe benefits like smaller stools, increased energy, healthier skin, and better dental health. However, some veterinary suggest that this kind of raw diet can’t be appropriate for the furry pets. Primarily the gripe is that these meals are not nutritionally sound, but like most things, we now have more tools and knowledge to do better by creating nutritionally balanced raw dog food.  In doing so, handling and preparing your dogs meals requires the same meticulous care as you would handle food for your family.

The Fresh Pet Chef

The Fresh Pet Chef

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