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Pumpkin Seeds | Natural Dewormer for Dogs

Pumpkins seeds are hailed as one of the safest and most effective natural dewormers for dogs. They are known for their ability to get rid of worms, but also provide numerous health benefits for your dog such as boosting their immune system.
A 2012 tapeworm study found that when pumpkin seeds were given to human subjects with tapeworm, 75% of subjects expelled whole tapeworms. An amino acid in pumpkin seeds, cucurbitacin, paralyzes the worms and causes them to lose their grip on the intestinal wall and thus get expelled from the body.
Dogs Naturally article recommends 1/4 teaspoon of ground raw (NOT salted!) seeds per 10 lbs of body weight 1 to 2x/day.
I grind mine in a Cuisinart, you could also use a blender. DO NOT use a coffee grinder – coffee is poisonous to dogs and you can’t ensure some leftover coffee grounds won’t get transferred from your grinder into your seed mixture.
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