Custom Meal Plans are formulated to ensure your dogs nutritional requirements are being met based upon your dogs profile and daily calories.

You will also receive

  • Three Nutritionally Balanced Recipe: We provide the ingredient, you control the quality.
  • Three Full Nutritional Panels: That offers a complete breakdown of vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, Macro and micro nutrients, based upon your dogs daily calories requirements.
  •  Two week Shopping list for each recipe that you can make in bulk and freeze.


Custom Meal Plan - Three Recipe



Custom Meal Plans for Dogs

Our custom meal plans/diets plans include fresh ingredients that include muscle meat, organs, meaty bones, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, and fruit. Although we try to cover all of your dogs nutritional needs using whole foods, but supplements are needed in some cases where the amount of food to achieve a specific level of nutrients may exceed the calorie requirements. in those cases we will recommend supplements to cover the nutritional gaps.


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