5 Hour Virtual dog Training Program with a professional dog trainer with 20 years experiance.


What Can We Help You With?


We can remotely most everything that we we would cover in an in home training program. 


  • Puppy  Training:  This  program will teach you how to train a puppy and will give you a clear  path to on how to  successfully alleviate confusion and frustration for  both you and your  puppy.  Our professional trainer will will show you how resolves house  breaking, nipping, jumping, chewing, biting, crate training,  basic command: Come, Sit, Down, Stay, a place command. We also include, the importance of your dogs diet and vaccine protocols and how that effects your dogs ability to learn and thrive. 


  • Foundation Training:  We  understand that frustrated dogs can develop problematic  behaviors.  It  is through the foundation and obedience training that we begin  to eliminate these behaviors  as we set structural by establishing  consistency with the family.   We  address by strengthening the  basics commands: come, sit, down, and  stay.  We apply these commands to situations that redirects unwanted  behavior to a more suitable outcome.  Each program is customized and tailored based upon the family training need. 


  • Distraction and Manner Training:  Distraction training is  when we have expectations of our dog to be able to accomplish a task  without jumping on people when they meet, pulling the leash when they  see a dog, coming when called if their is something better to sniff.  However, it can be very difficult for a dog to achieve this level of  expectation if they do not have the basic understanding of their foundation  commands. Before  moving into distraction training, your dog must be able to complete basic training.   It   is at this level of training  we can expect our dog to walking nicely  on a leash as we eliminate pulling or lunging at  squirrels, dogs,  people, or cars. We can also expect them to sit and  stay while being  petted, to be able to greet your guest in your  home without jumping,  and most importantly to come when called even when  outside.   

How do the programs work?


Puppy and Foundation Programs:  Each program is customized and tailored based upon the family training need.  These programs are a total of five hours of training with a expert trainer to assist you, your family, and dog  through the  training process.   The first lesson is two hours with the  whole family, the remaining 3 hours are split into 1 hour lessons and completed over a course of 7 weeks.  



Virtual - On Line Dog Training

  • All you need is a computer or smart phone and an online connection and we can begin helping you with your dogs training.

    How Does Online Dog Training Work?

    No fancy or expensive technology needed to do a virtual session. If you have a computer with a webcam or a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, you’re set! We use free, easy-to-download video chat software.  We will  walk you through the entire process so don’t worry if you’re “technically challenged” – we make the process painless!

    We can even have more than one webcam on the session so household members can call in from other locations, in fact we can service across the country and bring your family together, now that is convenient! 

    Prior to booking virtual dog training we will chat by phone to discuss your families goals for training your dog. 

    Most people think of dog training as a trainer coming to train your dog, but surprisingly 90% of dog training is people training. This is why virtual dog training works so well, we train you and show you how to execute simple, common scene techniques to train your dog.  

  • Christine Whole Dog Trainer and Wellness Coach

    • Professional Dog Trainer 
    • Small Animal Acupressure 
    • Small Animal Massage 
    • Canine Nutrition Coach 
    • Invisible Fence Brand -Trainer


    • Tom Rose School of Dog Training
    • Leerburg Kennel On Line Courses
    • Canine Training Essentials- Force Free Method Dog Training 
    • Instructor American Red Cross – Pet First Aid CPR; 2005,
    • AKC Evaluator- Canine Good Citizen 2006,
    • Bridge and Target -SAT Kasey Cover 2007, 
    • Small Animal Acupressure- Tall Grass Animal Institute 2008
    • Small Animal Massage- Blue Sky School Massage 2007, 
    • Certified Bach Flower Remedies- Nelson 2010, 
    • Certified Enzyme specialist Enzimedica 2012.
    • Certified Chemistry in Essential Oils  -Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education (2009)
    • Certified  Pet Food Nutrition - DN University  2017, 
    • Certified Carnivore  Nutrition- American Council Animal Naturopathy 2017,
    • Certified Small Animal Food  Therapy- Tall Grass Institute 2017
    • Forks over Knifes Culinary School for Humans 2017
    • Shaw Academy Nutrition 2019

    Attended conferences /Seminars/ Training

    • Raw Round up Conference2017- 2018-2019 
    • Medicinal Herbs  4 day summit 2016 
    • Food Therapy 4 day Conference 2017
    • Truth about Cancer 4 day Summit 2017 
    • Truth about Pet Cancer 2 day 2018 
    • Over 3000 hours in education


    • Consulted top pet toy manufacture in the natural dog instincts for a new line of interactive dog toys. 
    • Created pet weight reduction manual and how to treadmill train manual for Pet Zen Dog Treads
    • Guest speaker at Fruitful Yield in six locations throughout the Chicago land area on how to improve dogs wellness through fresh feeding.
    • Fund Raiser Pets of the Homeless Program 2020 Donation of  three Pet Micro Pantries to Kane County.


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