Meal Plans, Gently Cooked, and Raw Food Diet

raw food for dogs

Feed Fresh Raw Food Diet

Science has proven that fresh foods are healthier and lowers risk of diseases such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes. 

Essential for dogs with Allergies
and sensitivities

There are countless reasons why raw food diets for dogs makes sense. The fact that your here means you have made that connection and are seeking ways to improve your dogs health, prevent diseases, balance behavior,  with the hopes of spending a longer life with our beloved family members.

We provide customized, nutritionally balanced raw  food diets

Our pet diet plans consist of fresh ingredients that include muscle meat, organs, meaty bones, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, and fruit. Although, while we try to cover all of your dog’s nutritional needs using whole foods, in some cases supplements are needed to achieve a specific level of nutrients without exceeding the calorie requirement.In Those cases we will recommend supplements to cover nutritional gaps.

There are over 180,000 spices on earth

and only one cooks their food

Choose Your Meal Plan

One Meal Plan

Individually Formulated Per Pet Profile
$ 49
00 Per Recipe
  • Recipe Nutritionally Balanced for daily calorie requirements
  • Full Nutritional Breakdown of vitamins, minerals, proteins
  • Two Week Shopping List

3 Meal Plans

Individually Formulated Per Pet Profile
$ 126
00 Three
  • Three Recipes Nutrtionally Balanced For Daily Calorie Requirements
  • Full Nutritional Brakdown of each recipe
  • Two Week Shopping List Per Recipe

Members Only

Access To Over 100 Recipes
$ 19
95 year
  • Recieps are Complet and Balanced to all Life Stages
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Recipes can be halved or doubled
  • Variation in Sizes of Recipes
  • Freeze up to 3 months
  • Common Ingredients found in Markes
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Meal Plans

Plan Options
  1. You have completed a food sensitivity test and would like us to create a gently cooked or raw food diet meal plan.
  2. You would like to improve the quality of your dogs meals and would like to nutritionally balanced a recipe of a gently cooked or raw food diet using specific ingredients.
  3. You would like a gently cooked or raw food diet meal plan based upon personality, temperament, behavior using Traditional Chinese Medicine

Combining Old World Wisdom To A Science Based Model

We combine Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Five Elements and the concept of  Yin Yang, while following NRC guidelines to create meals best suited for your dogs personality, behavior and lifestyle.

Fresh food makes sense for us, so why wouldn't it for any other animal?