Making Your Dogs Food

I don’t want to spend every day preparing for my dogs meals, so I choose a few recipes ideas and make a batch. Once you’ve made your batch, you can divide them up into single servings, note the date, and freeze it. When ready to serve, you can defrost it in the fridge . That’s it! Now who knew that making dog food would be this easy?

How much to feed based on weight.

Feed 4 oz. per 10# . divide by how many meals you feed in a day.  (You may need to adjust up or down based on your dogs activity level.)  I found this little calculator you might like.

10 # Dog = 4oz per day @ 2 feedings 1/4c per meal

20# Dog = 8oz pr day @ 2 feedings 1/2c per meal

40# Dog = 16oz per day @ 2 feedings 1c per meal

60# Dog = 24oz per day @ 2 feedings 1.5c per meal

Selecting Ingredients

Think about your dog and if their having any issues, if so you may want to select your foods based upon yin yang foods Diet.

Adding Super FydoPhoods to your dogs diet of Life Style support.

See benefits of Super foods under our tab Super Foods.

Rotation is always important of your protein source and veggies, feed your dogs the Rainbow.

For more information on how to create nationally balanced meals visit out meal planner page.

The Fresh Pet Chef

The Fresh Pet Chef

With Christine Johnson

Welcome to our blog page. The fact that you are here means that you are in tuned to the connection that what we feed our dogs affects their health. We realize that nutrition is the prevention and the therapy to all disease. 

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