How to Live with Covid Pandemic Puppy’s

Quarantine Struggles of Our Tail Waggers

“Has the Speed of your dog’s wagging tail changed since the pandemic?

To eradicate COVID, the only medicine available is Quarantine. It has been five months with our furry babies and we are still stuck inside. We have reached the point where there are side effects of quarantine not only for us but for our tail wagers as well.

How Is COVID Affecting Our Dogs?

Boredom, fatigue, creakiness, and an increase in curiosity are the new normal for humans but also for many doggies.

Due to 5 months inside “home the sweet cage,” our furry babies are growing clingy and pouncing on furniture, barking, digging, gliding across counter-tops, chewing up slippers, hiding in corners and continuously shooting us concerned stares.

How to Keep Them Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Balanced?

Dog lovers have used the pandemic “home sweet cage” time to bring a new fur baby home and we have become the 24/7 entertainer. But what happens to your dog when our lives return to living beyond the 4 walls? Will your little one be ready for the change?

Things you will want to prepare for before that happens to keep them mentally and emotionally stable.

1- Set a consistent schedule as if you have already returned to whatever the new normal will be.

2- Practice crate time to reflect what your schedule will be once the children return to school and we begin to return to work.

Activities while at home with your Pandemic puppy

3- You need to do DIY enrichment activities.

4- Do a family and pet photoshoot to mark your puppy’s growth.

5- Join an online pet yoga class.

6- Hide treats. The sniff games are the quarantine-times hot favorite.

7- Fix a luxurious-spa (grooming) day for your dog.

8- Teach your dog new tricks.

9- Learn positive training techniques and good behavior methods with an expert!

10- Make his treats yourself. Allow him in the kitchen and let’em lick the bowls and spoons.

11- Do indoor walks.

12- Give lots of belly rubs.

13- Read your favorite book out loud to him.

14- Shop quarantine toys online.

Puppy Adoption during Pandemic and Post-COVID Changes

If you adopted a puppy during the pandemic, you need to prepare him for post quarantine life to keep from emotional separation. Watch for signs of separation anxiety. They are: barking, howling, whining, scratching at entrances and exits doors, being destructive, over-grooming, doing self-harm, showing obsessive behaviors, or changes in appetite. To avoid this, training begins before you return to work.

Prepare him with these simple steps:

1- Fix a spot in your house. Respect his privacy. Allow him to have “me-time” to relax. You can use a crate for that purpose or fix a separate room. This is going to make him comfortable and feel safe and peaceful. Be sure to find him a quiet part of the house.

2- Make sure he has enrichment toys that they can enjoy independently. You can go for food puzzles, hidden treats, and stuffed Kongs.

3- Play soothing music. Consider classical, reggae, or smooth jazz, or you can even play the TV or radio. As during quarantine, puppies and dogs have become used to human voices. That is why continuous voice matters.

4- Reward him whenever he acts calm and has independent non-clingy behavior. This is going to execute him to stop being a 24/7 lap and attention-seeking baby.

5- Consult a trainer if you puppy shows any signs of Separation Anxiety.

Wrapping Up!

I am curious as tail-wagging is synonymous with ‘I love you, my Homin’.

Quarantine has made us different, do not react severely if your dog who might be acting weird. It is time to shower them with love and not forget your tail-wagger loves you 24/7. Be like them.

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