Today we are going to talk about hyperactive dogs.  And what changes we can make to help reduce problematic behaviors through diet. The Good news is, you can resolve your dogs hyperactiveness through diet. Reasons dogs are experiencing hyperactiveness. Lack of discipline, lack of structure, lack of training, not enough exercise, not enough mental stimulation,   but often there is also an underlying issue…… which is food. Food has a massive effect on dog, however we rarely consider how food impacts our dogs behaviors. Canine behavior, like children can  can experience negative behavior based upon a high carb diet. The side effects include ill mannered and uncooperative behavior along with moody and irritability. The can also struggle with mental clarity, lack of focus, have difficulty retain information, inability to pay attention,  fidgetiness, and hyperactive, which can also lead to pacing, panting which can develop into stress and anxiety, if your dog is eating a poor diet. In addition to the high carb in kibble food is additives and dyes. I google search red dye 40, because I see a lot of that dye in treats and found on Dr. Danial Amen cite a article that that  states both adults and children have reported an upset stomach, migraines, jitteriness, nervousness, and inability to concentrate after consuming Red Dye 40. A post on Living Clean website talks about food dyes that cause behavioral problems in children that are associated with aggressive impulsive behavior We can now make a connection between behavioral concerns like hyperactivity and food. So where do we start?  we start with the ingredient list. We want to avoid  foods and treats that contain:
  • Coatings, flavorings, or additives (including any type of sugar)
  • Rendered animal by-products
  • Chemicals or artificial preservatives
  • High-Carbs.
  Find treats with a single ingredient. In the same way you evaluate treats, we evaluate dogs food. However for kibble feeders there is no brown pellet food that is low in carb even if it is a grain free. If they are not using grains then they use starchy ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, tapioca, which are high starch, the same as a carbohydrate. When it comes to food there are two categories to help indicate and point us in the right direction to resolve issues. 1. If your dog is experiencing things like digestive issues, skin and coat, scratching itching, chewing, licking, or have ear infection, then chances are we are dealing with a dog with allergies.If so we recommend doing  a food and environment sensitivity test  It is very affordable, it gives lots of good information on your dogs over all health. Once we receive the test we can switch the food or create a meal plan 2. However, if no allergy  indicators, then we evaluate based upon Thermal food energetic. What is thermal food energetic? It is not about temperature of food, meaning hot or cold. But rather it’s about how food affects our body. Some foods create heat while others are cooling. Imagine biting into a jalapeno pepper, your thermal body temperature rises,  it creates heat. In the same scene there are foods that cool, such as watermelon.  Food energetic is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine also know as yin cooling and  yang warming foods. For dogs who are hyperactive are very hot. So now we what to do is to put all this together and begin to balance the bowl based on food energetic. We want to use cooling proteins such as rabbit, duck, and whit fish as a kibble base, then we begin by adding 20% fresh food into your processed kibble,. (However, if your feeding kibble or cooking the food, your changing the thermal energies to warm). Keep it fresh and keep it raw. But if your feeding kibble this is were adding the 10% – 20 % fresh food, is going to make a huge impact. Other foods you can add Beef, egg, mackerel, Tuna,
  • Vegetables: broccoli, celery,  spinach, Swiss chard, , cucumber, and bok choy, lightly steam , mix in food processoer and mix it into the bowl.Instead of dog treats you can use small amount of 
  • Fruits: apple, watermelon, kiwi, or banana.
  • Stay away from are Chicken, Goat, Pheasant, , lamb, and,  trout.
Now that we removed additives, food coloring and lowered the carb load, added cooling yin foods, we should begin to see the benefits. For kibble feeders If your still struggling, then I would say you need to make bigger changes meaning, moving to a 100% fresh diet. You can also add balancing herbs, we recommend Super Fydo Oum to manage stress and restore calm.  Changing your dogs diet in conjugation with focus training exercises, you are moving right direction.