Nutrition Coaching

Common scene tells us that fresh foods is healthier than processed foods. We have been conditioned by marketing and miss informed by the industry to accept that processed food /pieces of kibble as to be health for our dogs.  However science is coming to the rescue, and provides proof that dogs on fresh foods are healthier and they have a lower risk of disease such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes.  It makes sense for us, why wouldn't it for any other animal.  

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Wellness Scans

Bio Feedback is different than allergy testing. It  test your dogs energetic reaction to elements that can cause allergies, digestive upsets, gas, bloating, diarrhea, scratching,  itching, smelly ears, chewing paws, joint discomfort, poor mental focus, anxiety, depression, and aggression or fear.

With the information gained through Bio Feedback you can begin to heal your dog by adjusting their diet and environment, providing them comfort, and reducing symptoms of illness.


Fydo Phoods

Super FydoPhoods,  are a  healthy and delicious, way to individualize your dog's diet to address any nutritional gaps and health concerns.


 Super FydoPhoods  are  organic freeze dried veggies,  fruits, and herbs that can be added to any recipe to support joint health, offer natural pain relief,  aid in digestion and tummy upset, improve skin and coat conditions, relieve allergies, and assist in calming for dogs with anxiety.

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Meats and Treats

We use human grade ingredients, we keep it simple and clean with limited ingredients and dogs love it that way.

The best natural dog treats!!

Using whole foods no grains helps to reduces digestive disorders, inflammatory issues, and allergy reactions.

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