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Greenies vs Natural Dog Chew for clean teeth

Greenies dog treats were developed in late 1990’s, and are dog chew treats formulated to “control” a dog’s plaque and dental tartar.
What are Greenies dog treats? “Greenies” is actually a brand for a “green, toothbrush-shaped” dog treats. The treats were developed to maintain healthy gums and teeth in dogs, as well as control “doggie breath”.
What are they made from? Greenies dog treats are made using processed “wheat gluten”, natural flavor, glycerin, monosodium phosphate, powdered cellulose fiber, chlorophyll, magnesium stearate, and “monoglycerides” of edible fatty acids.
Are there hazards in Greenies dog treats? There have been some issues from consumers and several veterinarians –most saying they’ve performed dog surgeries to remove “chunks” of the Greenies treat from the dog’s digestive tract and esophagus.
In addition Greenies contain a potentially dangerous amount of gluten. How can an ingredient found in oats, wheat, barley and other natural grains be harmful? Gluten is a glue-like substance responsible for holding many foods together and can be extremely hard to digest. According to practicing physician, Mark Hyman, eating gluten has been linked to many diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, anemia, cancer, canker sores, arthritis, and some autoimmune diseases.
If you really want to clean your dogs teeth, try natural chews like recreational bones.
Bully Sticks are dog chews made using only free-range grass fed cattle. They promote healthy teeth and gums as well with their unique design. These chews are completely digestible, making them completely safe for your dog.
Himalayan Dog Chews are comprised of yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice. The completely natural chew will last hours, providing your dog with long lasting healthy entertainment. Because the treat breaks down so slowly in small amounts, it is very easy to digest great to clean teeth
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