Yes!!! Gelatin for Dog Health

Health Benefits of Gelatin

What is gelatin good for? Well for a start, gelatin is good because of its protein and amino acid content.  Have a look at the list below!

Gelatin for Joints

Gelatin supplements can help with joint pain and health by reducing inflammation. Bodybuilders have been using gelatin for this purpose for decades. Same is true for your pup. If you have a sporting dog, then you can protect their joints by adding gelatin to their diets. For those that suffer from arthritis and other joint pain issues, gelatin can ease some of the discomfort associated with inflammation.

 Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

When our pups are under extreme stress they need more minerals and amino acids, and gelatin is an excellent source. Adrenal fatigue can happen to anyone, but is especially common in periods of high stress and burnout. It may actually help invigorate the kidneys, adrenals, and bladder, which all help us deal with stress and manage cortisol levels properly.

 Weight Loss

Obesity is on the rise and can cause a host of problems for our dogs, gelatin can potentially boost metabolism. Better yet, gelatin is so nutrient-dense that it makes feel full longer even while feeding less. Try  making your doggie treats that is gelatin-rich for the extra nutrients.

 Helps Heal Wounds

Glycine, an amino acid found in gelatin, is highly anti-inflammatory, and can help speed up recovery of wounds, including scrapes, cuts, burns, and gashes.

 Helps You Sleep Better

The amino acid glycerine content in gelatin powder can help your pup sleep better. Gelatin powder can help you sleep better it is the amino acid glycine is responsible for this effect.

 Improves Bone Health

Collagen is a major element of bone composition. Some studies suggest that taking collagen can increase bone mass density; gelatin is an excellent source of collagen.

 Helps the Liver

Gelatin is rich in glycine, and our bodies need glycine for detoxification.Without enough glycine the body won’t make enough glutathione, an important step in liver detoxification.

 Fights Inflammation

Glycine also helps fight inflammation, which can cause many illnesses, so keeping it down is essential. Bone broth is a nutritious and easy way to keep inflammation at bay. And it tastes good, too!

Calms Nerves and Anxiety

Gelatin can help soothe nerves and anxiety due to glycine. If this is a concern for your pup try adding some  gelatin into your daily diet.

 Improves Digestion

Edible gelatin can help with digestion by binding to water in the stomach and helping food move through the digestive tract with more ease. Gelatin improves gastric acid secretion and restores the mucus lining in the stomach to a healthier state.

 Heals Food Allergies

A simple bone broth soup is enough to reap the benefits of gelatin.  It’s believed that gelatin can contribute to helping with food allergies and intolerance’s by healing the lining of the stomach, making it harder for toxins and other allergens to absorb into the body. A simple bone broth soup is enough to reap the benefits of gelatin.

 Preserves Muscle Mass

Our dogs can lose muscle mass during a long illness, but it can be preserved by adding gelatin to the diet. Athletes dogs who over-train can also benefit from gelatin as well its amino acid content can speed up recovery times.

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