Transitioning Food to a Fresh Diet

Transitioning Foods for Dogs can Change Lives

Transitioning Foods for Puppies

It is recommend that before you transition food your dog to any new diet that you allow time for them to adjust into their new home. Bringing home a new puppy can be stressful fro the puppy and making dietary changes immediately can compound potential stress diarrhea. Make sure your puppy has time to adjust and then switch them.

In most cases you do not have to transition puppies as you would an adult. You can begin feeding immediately.

In rare cases or maybe you feel more comfortable by introducing foods gradually. 

Begin by reducing your processed kibble by 20% and start with adding a single protein, like beef, chicken or turkey. Add one veggie like sweet potatoes, broccoli or beets.

Every 3 days you can change the protein and veggie keeping it under 20% of the daily intake. This way you can  test for food sensitive and upset tummy’s before moving forward.

Once you have three proteins that you are able to rotate you can begin to transition to full meals using fresh ingredients.

We can create meal plans that are nutritionally balanced and meet your puppy’s needs.

There are plenty of options which will primarily depend on your situation, your experience level, your time, and your resources.

We have all stood in the in the exact place you are today with questions and not sure how to proceed.

Fresh feeding is now the fastest growing segment in the pet food category. Like you, many people have realized the benefits of feeding a fresh raw diet.

 If you need help with making a decision we can set up a phone consult.

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Allergy testing dogs

Transitioning Food for a Healthy Adult Dog

Make sure the meat you are feeding is fresh and good quality.
Transitioning can sometimes depend upon your dogs health. In some cases a dog with IBS might need to transition slowly to allow their system to adjust. Others with the same issue will transition faster because the dogs system could not tolerate what you were feeding.
The rule of thumb for transitioning a dog from a kibble to raw is to start with ¼ raw and ¾ of their previous food.
Monitor the stools and as long as they stay nice and firm and no diarrhea is present, you can continue to slowly add more raw and reduce the amount of the previous food until the process is complete.
For dogs, this can take anywhere from a few days to 6 weeks.

Another popular method some  owners prefer to test the waters with their dog first before making that change.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Use the raw food as a ‘treat’ on the first day and keep an eye on the condition of your dog’s stool. Increase the amount of raw treats over the next few days and continue to monitor their stool.

If the stool is normal then replace one whole meal with raw. Over the next couple days if your dog’s stool remains healthy then stop the old food and switch completely to raw.

Transitioning Food for a Senior Dog

The saying goes, “you are what you eat”, and sadly, many old dogs suffer from years of eating poorly. Their bodies are full of inflammation from a lifetime of processed kibble. 

Their eyes are dull, ears are gooey and puffy, joints crunch with arthritis, fur is dry, nails are brittle, anus is red, glands are impacted, stool fluctuates from loose to hard, they’re constantly panting and the water bowl is always empty!

A Raw Diet For Your Senior can help prevent or improve; dental disease, gastrointestinal disease, liver disease, kidney disease, obesity, arthritis and cancer.

Transitioning a seiner dog is much the same as adult dog, but we go much, much slower.

After years of toxic build up switching your dog to a healthy life style can have a negative effect on your dog at first. 

This phenomena of feeling worse before you feel better is what happens when natural detoxification cycles cause stored toxins to release and flood the body on their way out.
This can cause a multitude of uncomfortable symptoms, from nausea and other flu-like symptoms, to headaches, skin rashes, and breakouts.
Before moving forward it would be good to do a gentle liver cleanse.