Food Elimination Diet for Dogs with Allergies

 How to do a food elimination diet for dogs?

Itching, nausea, gas, and diarrhea can sometimes occur due to food intolerance’s if additional causes for these signs are ruled out. Several pet owners ask how to do a food elimination diet for dogs? This is simply done by randomly removing certain foods that might cause the problem. But, this approach is unplanned, and the owner might eliminate one food while leaving foods in the diet that causes the problem. To clearly identify problematic foods, a planned approach should be taken.

Allergy vs sensitivity

The main difference between an allergy and a sensitivity is that an allergy is characterized by the immune system response to a substance; however, a sensitivity includes no immune reaction. Besides, intolerance is characterized by lacking an enzyme that the body needs to digest food.

The most common symptoms of allergy are a strong, non-seasonal itch, licking off feet, and inflammation. Some dogs can show signs of repeated ear infections. The diagnosis of food allergy includes a elimination diet.

Super Fydophoods FydoZymes

Enzymes are not just for digestion, they aid in every biological function in the body. As our dogs age their body can become enzyme defiant. Adding natural enzymes not only benefits digestion but benefits whole body.

Fydo zymes is a great way to add Super Foods that contain natural enzymes, that can help facilitate your dogs over all well being.

Did you know that Enzymes are not only for digestion!

Enzymes are used on many levels of health for our dogs such as: Aids the absorption of vitamins and minerals, Promotes normal body weight, Promotes respiratory health, Helps reduce minor food sensitivities, Helps promote normal cell growth, Supports healthy teeth and gums, Reduces occasional bloating, gas, heartburn, and constipation, Lessens skin irritation and excessive shedding, Provides more energy due to better utilization of nutrients, Helps remove toxins from the body, and promotes comfortable movement of joints.

This is why adding whole foods with natural enzymes to aid in our dogs digestion is so important as it keeps the body from robbing enzymes from other healing processes.

What is a elimination diet?

An elimination diet includes a prescribed homemade raw diet that has a unique protein as well as a carbohydrate source to which your dog has not been exposed before. In addition, changing the pet food brand is not the same as a elimination diet because several foods share similar grain meals, additives, protein, and dyes.

Why do an elimination diet?

Elimination diets are important for identifying food allergies through diet. They eliminate certain foods that cause uncomfortable signs and reintroduce them later while testing for allergic symptoms.

As food allergy occurs after being fed a specific food component; thus, only foods that your dog has never been exposed to before might be used. Besides, one protein source, as well as one carbohydrate source, are selected, and all additional foods are discontinued.

How to reintroduce foods?

You can confirm a dog allergy by a re-challenge to the original food. The original dog diet must be reintroduced slowly over 3 to 5 days, and the dog monitored for the upsurge in itching, which should revert within two weeks.

When the itching reverts, then do not feed the original diet and return to feeding the elimination diet until your dog is back to normal. If your dog is food allergic, your vet will find a commercially made diet that has ingredients to which your dog is not allergic. Consultation with your canine chef and food expert who can give a recipe for a balanced, hypoallergenic food for your dog.

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