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The reports of Allergy Testing Dogs procedures have shown that many canines suffer heavily from food allergies, sensitivity and intolerance. However, predicting the food allergens through Allergy Testing Dogs methods can be a little more time-consuming. The most common way of doing so is to set an elimination diet for your dog wherein you’d keep changing the diet to a certain ingredient to find a diet having no allergens at all. However you need to stay on a course of action to identify sensitivities which can take up to two weeks. These diet plans could consist of commercially available dog food or homemade food. Typically, a canine nutrition specialist can help the dog owners determine whether their canine friend is allergic to a food item or not by prescribing them three potential diets such as follow

  • Novel ingredients diet

This diet plan consists of the ingredients to which your dog has never been exposed. In this way, all the ingredients present in his previous diet are eliminated from his daily meal plan which in turn, reduces the chances of developing allergic reactions in your dog.

  • Limited ingredients diet

This diet plan is used to pinpoint the main food allergen, causing the reaction. In this plan, the number of ingredients is kept on decreasing every new day to narrow down the list. In the end, you are left with only a few ingredients and eventually, you find out the specific allergen.

  • Prescription diet

In this plan, veterinary specialists prescribe an ingredient-specific or kibble-based diet to your dog. This diet is crafted especially, so it would only contain hypoallergenic ingredients. However without knowing what those ingredients are, it makes it impossible to determine if it will work long term. While going for Allergy Testing Dogs’ treatments, make sure you know the difference between food intolerance and food allergies. Food allergy occurs when your canine’s immune system identifies food ingredients as toxins mistakenly whereas food intolerances occur because the digestive system of your dog can’t digest a food ingredient and it has nothing to do with his immune system.

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