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There is a difference between food allergies and intolerance’s, although their symptoms; bloating, gas, diarrhea, and other unpleasant reactions, can appear to be the similar, however, allergy reaction can be life threatening.

Intolerance’s are when your dog is unable to digest and process foods correctly, usually due to a lack of enzymes, thus causing food to enter the bloodstream and cause a reaction known as leaky gut.

A food allergy occurs when your dog’s immune system generates an antibody response after it has been ingested.

In the majority of cases, dogs actually have a intolerance as opposed to a allergy, however a intolerance can lead in to an allergy and can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint. When it comes to allergies many people may not suspect the dogs meal as the cause of their dog’s itching because they have been feeding the same food all its life. The truth is our dogs can develop allergies or intolerance’s to a substance over time.

Another common misconception is that dogs are only sensitive to poor quality food. If the dog is allergic to an ingredient, it doesn’t matter whether it is a premium or the most inexpensive brand. One advantage to premium foods is that some avoid common fillers that are implicated in allergic reactions. To make it more confusing, a dog with food sensitives may not have a reaction every time they eat it, making it difficult to pin-point.

70 percent of skin conditions are allergy-related and most of them are due to environmental allergens such as fleas, pollen, mold, or dust mites. If your dog symptoms are seasonal, then it’s most likely that environmental.
However, it is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of dogs suffer from their food, or an ingredient within.


Dog owners with allergies dream of finding relief for their allergy symptoms.

Finding solutions for dog symptoms can be frustration.

Most people begin by purchasing a product that they think will resolve their dogs symptoms, and if that doesn’t work, then they try another, and if that doesn’t work, then another, only to find that you have a cabinet filled with products that don’t work.

In some cases these products may offer temporary relief  but the frustration happens when the symptoms return over and over again.

Sound Familiar?

At this point, the next step is visiting our veterinarian who might prescribe steroids or other harmful mediation that require blood test ever few months. In other cases a veterinarian might recommend a costly yet low quality prescription diet or allergy testing that most can’t afford.

In the end, once once you return to their regular food and the prescription has run out,  you find that your dog is no better off than when it you started.

"Secrets to Resolve Dogs Food Sensitivity And Keep Them Symptom Free"

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Bundle Programs

Food Eleimation diet offer

Program 1-
Elimination Diet
with Meal Plan

Together we will walk you through step by step a Elimination Diet for your dog.

Plan includes:

    • Video How to free your dog from food allergy through an elimination diet and live symptom free 
    • Plus Journal Pages, Instruction Page, Food List, and DIY Recipe Cards
    • E-Book  How to Resolve Your Dogs Food Allergies Naturally
    • Phone consult  30 minutes 
    • 3 custom meals  that will be balanced and complete to support your dogs new diet. 

Program 2
Whole Pet Wellness Panel
with Meal Plan

This option moves at a quicker pace and provides a wider scope of sensitives including environment, heavy metals, and nutritional gaps, in as little as 10 days.

Plan includes.

    • Whole Pet Wellness Panel Food | environment | Heavy Medal | Nutrition
    • 30 minute consultation reviewing test results.
    • 3 custom meals plans designed based upon the results of your dogs testing.  Nutritionally complete and balanced based upon NRC Standards.
    • E-Book  How to Resolve Your Dogs Food Allergies Naturally