A Naturally Balanced Dog

A Naturally Balanced Dog remedies canineDisclaimer: Herbal Remedies are used to enhance the well-being of animals and does not replace traditional medical or veterinary healthcare. Flower Essence are not approved by the FDA and is not used to diagnosis or treat for illness. Instead they are used to promote a cooperative model to bridge holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine. Refer to a licensed  veterinary for medical care.

Flower Essences work wonderfully in combination with Essential Oils.
Together they are a powerful combination to balance the Mind, Body, and Spirit

a naturally balanced dog fear, aggression, separation anxiety, thunder storms

Flower Remedies are liquid extracts of either wildflowers or pristine garden blossoms. These essences are used to uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness and are vibrational in nature. The first 38 flower remedies were formulated in 1930 by Dr.Edward Bach, an English homeopathic physician, chemist, botanist, and lover of nature who recognized the profound effect the mind and spirit could have on healing. Medical professional also recognizes the healing power of a mind-body-spirit connection and science has shown us flower essences energetic medicines to be effective, eliciting dramatic, positive changes in their pet's behavior and their overall well-being. a naturally balanced dog fear, aggression, separation anxiety, thunder storms

Ad-Just TM   Balances and stabilizes the emotions through life changes. Helps to restore calm and accept new circumstances with confidence and trust.

Attention  Assists in the training process, helping to gain focus and attention through repetition.  
Aller-EE's: Helps to elevate behaviors that are  associated with allergies. Such as: Scratching licking, and head shaking. May help to minimize the physical signs of allergies.

B-Strong© For animals struggling with a long term illness or relapse.  B-Strong can assist in the process of recovery, when the desire to hold on has been depleted.

Domin-Not© For strong, stubborn, pushy, and dominating personality's in need of a more gentle and calm outlook.

Fear-Less © Adds courage for the timid and shy dog needing assistance to come out of their shell. Allows them to unfold with confidence and helps to form relationships.

Home Alone:  Recommended for dogs that experience forms of separation anxiety.

It may help to restore courage, bravery, calmness, adds confidence and trust.
Obsess-Less©: Obsession Compulsive Disorder is a neurological issue in which repetitive behaviors recur. Obess-Less may help to reduce these behaviors as you implement training to stop and redirect the old habits.

Peace For grieving pet that have lost their person or friend.  Restores balance allowing them to move forward with a happy heart.

Thunder-Less©  Recommended for those who react to loud noises, rain storms, fire works, or are sound sensitive. Helps to restores peace, calmness, instills bravery and courage.

Queeze EE's ©  Recommended for tummy upsets. Made with Organic Essential Oils.

A Naturally Balanced Dog Remedies canine

1 oz Flower Essence

Balance your Dog Naturally

Flower Essence

A Naturally Balanced Dog fear, aggression, separation anxiety, thunder storms