Flower Essence and Essential Oils for Dogs

Dogs have feelings too.

1000’s of dogs are put on prescription drug every year for the purpose of controlling behaviors such as aggression, hyperactivity, depression and fear.

According to research there are millions of pets that suffer from emotional issues, which in turn can result in negative behavior. When we see this we seek help, most often we visit our Veterinarian for a solution. But are they equipped to assist in these matters? Unfortunately most do not have any training to deal with behavioral and emotional problems and so their solution comes as a prescription.

What is an alternative solution to prescribe drug for dogs?

In the past many people turned to pharmaceutical medications to help with their pets’ complex emotional issues, but more and more people are favoring alternative natural solutions to help put their pets at ease.

In today’s world, we have been raised to think and to treat illnesses based upon western medicine for both ourselves and our dogs. Western medicine focus on diagnosing and treating disease based on a patient’s symptoms. But there is another culture of healing which is categorized under Eastern medicine. Eastern Medicine also considers a patient’s symptoms, but focus on it’s relation to the whole body. Eastern modality are ancient forms of healing which follow a natural aspect of wellness by using plants, herbs, oils, and energy balancing.

Plants have unique healing energies; these energies can be captured and then preserved. There are several modalities that use plants as remedies for the behaviors like the ones listed above; they are Essential Oils and Flower Essences.

The Differences between Flower Essences and Essential Oils

Many people have heard of essential oils and assume flower essence/remedies are the same thing, however they are very different and provide a different health component.

Essential Oils (EO) are obtained from plant material such as roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, and bark; they are distilled using steam or mechanical methods, like cold pressing. Essential oils work primarily through the sense of smell. They are heavily scented and are combined with a carrier oil to be used externally, inhaled or in some cases internally. The scent carries extremely small molecules which are absorb through the nostril and affect the brains chemistry, which brings about emotional results. They can also be used topically for the physical aspect of healing such as skin issues, sprains, and bruising. Because they are highly-concentrated, it is noteworthy to mention that some essential oils can cause irritation and further problems for dogs and cats if administered improperly.

On the other hand, Flower Essences (FE) are liquid extracts of wildflowers and pristine garden blossoms that are infused into pure spring water then preserved with an organic vegetable or brandy glycerin. This is done in a purely natural way which is through the action of sun or moonlight and no chemicals are used. Flower Essences are considered vibrational medicine and are used to address the emotional and the mental aspects of wellness. They do not carry any scent and their molecules are slightly larger than EO, they are taken internally and are completely safe for all life’s creatures.

How Flower Essence work?

All living things are made up of vibrating molecules that give off various frequencies; these frequencies are measurable, similar to that of sound and light frequencies.

Emotions give off frequencies, anger, anxiety fear, joy, and excitement, all have different frequencies. In the 1930’s, plant frequencies were studied by Dr. Edward Bach who uncovered how to utilize plant essence to balance frequency’s into a humorous state of health. Every negative thought or emotion can be matched to an essence or remedy that will support and release the negative pattern and restore balance.

The Right Choices for the “Good Bois” Family

Ad-Just:can benefit dogs that experience stress due to life changes: new home, death of family member, new baby, or divorce. Adjust stabilizes the emotions through life changes, it restores calmness, confidence trust and acceptance to new circumstances.

Domin NOT: Helps to restore uncontrollable behavior, tolerance level, flexibility, and cooperation. It brings about a gentler and calmer outlook for the stubborn, pushy, possessive, and dominate dog personality.

Home Alone:Helps to restore courage, bravery, calmness, as it adds confidence and trust. Recommended for dogs that experience forms of separation anxiety.

Thunder Less: Helps to restores peace, calmness, instills bravery and courage. Recommended for dogs who react to loud noises, rain storms, fireworks, and are sound sensitive.

Greif Not:Herbal remedies can bring balance to dogs that suffer from grief, who experience loss, sadness and depression.

The Well-Known Perks of Being Flower Essences’ Lovers

You may be hearing about the flower essence for pets for the first time, but it is not the new trend. They offer positivity vibes for your dog as they balancing and restore your dog’s emotional and mental state of wellness.

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