A Naturally Balanced Dog

Buzz Scram helps prevent attacks to your dogs


3Buzz Scram© Made with organic oils and therapeutic grade Essential oils, this is a daily spray that you can use on yourself, your kids, and of course... let's not forget the dog. There are no toxic insecticides, poisons, or harmful chemicals or Deet, in our products. But it's strong on repelling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, yet safe with a pleasant smell.

2 Diatomaceous Earth: Next we recommend using Our Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, which is listed as "organic Matter"  After your dog is bathed, sprinkle on your dog's dry coat, in their bedding and kennel, and around the house in the area's your dog hangs out.

Learn more on Diatomaceous Earth it is just  Fascinating

Giving Flea's and Tick's the Ol' 1-2-3

1 Shampoo  We recommend getting your flea and tick regiment started in early spring.

Start with our Shampoo, which is made with natural oils  and is infused with essential oils that will condition your dog’s skin and will help to repel fleas and ticks.

Bathing your dog is essential keeping the skin health and clean, reduces the risk of bacteria and yeast that can compromise your dog well-being which can attract Parricides to feed on unhealthy animals. We recommend  bathing every 2-3 weeks

Buzz Scram

Fleas, Tics, Misquitoes

Dogs who suffer from allergy have low immunity and fall prey to parasites including: flea, tick, mosquitoes, and gnats


Safe for Pets and Children 100% Natural