Feeding you dog based upon personality “Wood Dog Recipe” for angry dogs

Feeding your dog based upon personality.

Food contains energetic properties which can help restore, maintain, and change behaviors. Based upon Chinese Traditional Medicines, our personalities including our pets can be categorized in to what is known as elements. These elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Earth) help us to better understand the internal and external energy and how it relates to the environment.

For example a “Wood” Element Dog, has a dominant personality, tend to anger quickly, can be intolerant and inpatient, bark loudly, and can be stubborn or pushy. They are usually athletic, active and the alpha. These dogs tend to suffer from allergies, have eye issues, and may have ligament and tendon issues or even seizures.

To help compensate for their ” HOT or Fiery ” personality, we need to feed foods that are cooling and sedative to the body in order to bring them into balance. Much like we would use Camomile tea to relax after a stressful day.

When we refer to the temperatures we are referring to the energy of the food and or dog.

Proteins that can cool a wood dogs nature is duck, rabbit, and sardines. Proteins that are Neutral include beef, turkey, pheasant, and quail. Green plants such as lettuces, cucumber, broccoli, snap peas and spinach also provide a cooling effect. So An example of a meal for a wood dog might be

6 oz duck,

4 oz barely,

2 cups (1 cup each) broccoli and spinach,

2 t. salmon oil, bone meal

Kelp based upon your dogs weight.

watermelon for treats.

Food energetic can help disperse, sedate, or drain excessive heat making it easy to train and work with your dogs personality type.

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The Fresh Pet Chef

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