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How To Naturally Relieve Your Dog’s Eyes, Ears, Nose, And Paws Allergies

Every living object has its immune system gifted by nature.

Every dog doesn’t get allergies. Similarly, it’s a natural phenomenon. Hence you cannot predict who would suffer. But to combat such kinds of allergies, you need to improve your dog’s immune system.

Further, living organisms have natural antibodies which defend against foreign dangers. Mostly these foreign invaders are pollen, dust chemicals, and food. All of them try to damage the fur of the dogs. Also, the strength and qualities of the antibodies vary from body to body.

The most common body parts of dogs affected by these allergies are the nose, eyes, ears, and paws. And naturally, these parts are exposed to the environment. Moreover, the dogs have the following symptoms of allergies.

  • Ear scratching
  • Skin Dermatitis
  • Discharge from ears
  • Vigorously head shaking


Dogs and their allergies

Further, their nose allergy is reflected by their throat infection. So they face some common issues like extra cough, water coming out of their nose and eyes, and bad sounds like snoring in the throat. Therefore, all of these symptoms refer to respiratory diseases.

Also, dogs suffer swelling and redness in their paws. This type of allergy is known as pododermatitis. Because of this infection, they lick and scratch their infected paws.

Most pet owners face difficulty in treating their dogs with allergies. Because it is hard to identify the allergies and their types. Mostly, the allergic chemicals and antibiotics don’t have less impact.

You can give your dogs the best cure for paw allergies. For this purpose, give them a bath composed of four herbal products. You should mix two spoons of green tea in a glass of water. Then, add a tablespoon of table salt to the mixture. Further, add two drops of lavender oil to the solution. Dip your dog’s paws in this solution for ten minutes. The inflammation on their paws would vanish. You should try this treatment for seven days.


●     Diet

First and foremost, getting your dog off processed food and on to fresh food can make a world of difference and include supportive supplements.

●     Honey

You can give your dog honey for their allergies. But try to provide them with a natural one.

●     Apple cider vinegar

Dogs might get infections, so they should follow this remedy. Then before bathing him. Pour a few cups of apple cider vinegar into their bathing tub. And mix it with water. Afterward, give your dog’s bath with that water. Hopefully, all of his allergies would vanish. Also, these allergies are found in the pollens that attach to a dog’s fur and skin.

Use it as a disinfectant spray for your dogs. Just add some vinegar to the water. You should spray your dogs with this mixture.

●     Coconut oil

Let your dog drink a teaspoon of coconut oil. So that all of his viral and allergies are gone.

●     Baking powder

First of all, take half a cup of water. And then, take the baking powder and add a spoon to it. After shaking it, apply this mixture to your dog’s body part. It will stop the pus from coming out of the infection. Also, it will cure the skin of your dog.

●     Aloe Vera gel

Apply aloe Vera gel to your dog’s paws or eyes to soothe their irritation.

●     Ground Oatmeal

Similarly, you need to add some grounded oatmeal to the water. And bath your dog from it. It will cure their allergies.

●    Yogurt

So, you should give your dogs some yogurt spoons because it will strengthen their immune systems. And they can withstand bacterial infections.

●     Chamomile tea

You should put some chilled chamomile tea in a bottle. And spray it over the infectious parts of your dog. Also, you can put a tea bag on your dog’s eyes if he is suffering from an eye infection.

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