A Naturally Balanced Dog

Ears, Nose, Teeth, Paws Dog Grooming Supplies

No's Crust

Made with organic oils of Carrot and Raspberries among other oils that will moisturize and protect noses from sun
SPF 8 Blocks .  .15ml  oz

 Happy Paws©  Anti Itch for allergy paws

100% Organic Ingredients Infused with Therapeutic Essential Oils. Oils that relieve irritation and may reduce licking. Organic Oils that promote healing to skin and hair that aid in the relief of sore and painful paws due to allergies. 4 oz $7.95

Paw-tect Dog Paws©  Conditions chap pads as well as creates a barrier that eliminate the absorption of harmful chemicals such as ice salts and fertilizers and your dogs paws.   Made with natural wax's and oils with Lavender Essential Oil. . 1 oz sizes $7.95

Yeast Away

* CAUTION, this does not protect from hot or cold conditions such as hot pavement or frost bite.

Yeast Away © Ear Wash Made with 100% Organic Ingredients and infused with Therapeutic Essential Oils. Not only removes dirt and wax  but also clears and controls yeasty ear without drying.

Your dog’s ears will smell great and the

itching and irritation will subside. 

A Naturally Balanced Dog Hypo Allergenic, Gluten Free, Organic Our Dog Grooming Supplies include 

Yeast Away Ear Wash, Natural Tooth Powder, Nourish Skin and Coat spray

Nurish Skin and Coat Spray

Naturally Hypo Allergenic, Gluten Free, Vegan, No Soy, No Dyes, No Fragrance Oils, No Chemicals

Tooth Powder

Made with  100% Organic.   Helps to healthy teeth and mouth, as it reduces bacteria, helps to remove tarter, whitens and keeps breath fresh.

Tooth Powder

Dog Grooming Supplies

Nourish Made with100% Organic oils and is infused with therapeutic Essential Oils. This is a fabulous product!!! The oils we have selected are high in Vitamins, antioxidants, and Omega's that repair and protect skin as it softens, adds shine, and moisturizes the coat.  Recommended as a skin and coat conditioner, but also to supplement for dermatitis, hot spots, rashes and hives as it's healing properties are anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative, and wound healing. 4 oz and  8oz