Dog Treats with CBD to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The three most common types of dog anxiety are caused by separation from their owners, loud noises from thunderstorms, and fireworks, and social situations involving other humans or animals.

Making your own treats to reduce stress for your dog can be simple and easy.

In three ingredients you can help your dog

  • We used Great Lakes flavored Gelatin,
  • Homemade bone broth , There is nothing more nutritious than bone broth and making your own just add so much more love and flavor into your treats.
  • Orozona CBD Oil : We offer organic, gold- grade, supercritical CO2 extracted, full-spectrum hemp extract containing high, naturally occurring CBD in proper ratio with over 500 bio active compounds present in the industrial hemp plant.


Bring 2 cups bone broth to a slow boil

Turn off stove and slowly add 1/3 cup of Gelatin into liquid a mix. It must be slop otherwise the gelatin will begin to clump.

Pour into molds, ( I find mine from amazon) but leave a little room to add CBD Oil. Some people would just pour the whole bottle into the broth, but I like exact measurements for dosage. See below for chart.

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1 dropper full equals 8 mg below is a chart you can use based upon the weight of your dog. For Larger breed dogs I would suggest our 500 MG bottle at 17 mg per dropper.

place in refrigerate while it sets 24 hours, then pop out of molds place in a air tight jar keep refrigerated for no more than 7 days. keep remainder in freezer.

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