Canine Nutrition Coaching


Common scene tells us that fresh foods is healthier than processed foods. We have been conditioned by marketing and miss informed by the industry to accept that processed food /pieces of kibble as to be health for our dogs.  However science is coming to the rescue, and provides proof that dogs on fresh foods are healthier and they have a lower risk of disease such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes.  It makes sense for us, why wouldn't it for any other animal.  


Small changes in your dogs diet can add up big for your dogs physical, mental and emotional wellness.  


Services we offer: 



  • How to improve the quality of food you feed your dog

  • Creating a diet that supports your dogs health conditions 

  • How to prepare a balanced home made meal

  • How much to feed your dog

  • Which foods are unsafe 

  • How to convert to raw diet

  • How to select the foods to support your dog's health.

  • How to select  supplements  

  • Diet for dogs with allergies

  • Diet for dogs with inflammation




We do not conduct clinical nutrition, therefor if your dogs has medical condition please contact your veterinarian for all medical related questions.

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