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A Naturally Balanced Dog

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Canine Nutrition

Learn how to improve your dogs overall well being by  feeding fresh foods that supports their health & reduces risk of disease

Think Fresh

Common Scene tells us that fresh food is healthier than processed foods. I don't know any doctor that would tell you eating hot dogs and potatoes chips is better  than than eating grapes. 

We have been fooled to believe that feeding processed food /pieces of kibble, is actually is healthier for our dogs than fresh food.

Why is that?  Pet Fooled

​​However science is coming to the rescue to prove that dogs on a natural vs processed foods reduce the risk of disease such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

What's going on with the science?


​Food is the foundation of health and small changes in your dogs diet can add up big for your dogs wellness.

We teach you

How to improve the quality of your dogs food by making simple choices.

Creating a diet that supports your dogs health.

  1. Commercial food:

    1. Raw food and treats

    2. Dehydrated raw food and treats

    3. Freeze dried raw food and treats


​How to prepare a balanced home made meal.

  1. Homemade food:

    1. Cooked

    2. Fresh

    3. Raw

​How much to feed your dog.

Which foods are unsafe.

How to convert to raw diet.

How to select the foods and supplements  to support your dog's health.

  1. Oral, dental care

  2. Ear care

  3. Skin and coat care

  4. Insect and parasite natural preventative aids

  5. Joint care

  6. Digestion care



Appointments are face to face, phone confranced, of faced time.



We begin with an initial Consultation to discuss your dogs current diet, current health concerns, and how to improve your dogs diet and health concerns.

​Home-prepared recipes, to include supplements and  commercial food combinations will be balanced to improve or correct  deficiencies or nutrient excess.

We are not liable for damages with respects to ingredient, supplement, food preparation, food handling, storage, and feeding methods of any recipe.

We do not conduct clinical nutrition, therefor if your dogs has medical condition please contact your veterinarian for all medical related questions.