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think fresh

Common Scene tells us that fresh food is healthier than processed foods.

We have been conditioned by the pet industry to believe that feeding a little brown ball of processed  kibble is actually healthier than fresh food.


Dogs were domesticated 16,000 years ago, dog food in a bag is just over 100  years old, so what did dogs eat before bad food?


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Does your dog suffer from allergies, gas, bloating, diarrhea, digestive upsets, water eyes, smelly ears, itchy, skin and coat disorders, biting chewing on paws, butt scooting, or have joints or muscle issues? 


Do you find that your dogs is irritable, lacks focus, suffers from anxiety, depression, lacks energy,  or  is hyper active?


Nutritional deficiencies

Your dog needs the full list of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to live a happy, healthy life.


Although, with dogs, it’s hard to know whether or not they’re getting everything they need until it's to late. 


You may be feeding a great kibble brand food, but can you trust what’s inside those crunchy nuggets? 

Studies show that 87% of kibbles tested do not match the ingredient labels.


Nutrition Wellness Scan can ensure your dog is receiving everything they need to thrive.

Life Balance& Nutrition Test

The Canine Life Balance and Nutrition test uses biofeedback from the hair samples from your pet. It analysis and measures the sensitivity to various food and environmental factors.


These factors can help identify imbalances in your dogs that may causes physical, mental or emotional disturbances.


We may refer to these disturbances as allergies, hyper activity, irritability, painful joints, digestive disorders, anxiety, and so forth.

Traditional Chinese Medicine would call this a balance of yin or yang. The goal is to remove or reduce incompatible energetic disturbances that diminish the body’s  life-force and by doing so balancing of the mind body and spirit.

Canine Nutrition Wellness


​During our assignment we will discuss


How to improve the quality of

your dogs current food.

​How to prepare a balanced

home made meal

How much to feed your dog

Which foods are unsafe 

How to convert your dogs diet

How to select the foods to

support your dog's health.

How to select  supplements 


​We do not conduct clinical nutrition, therefor if your dogs has medical condition please contact your veterinarian for all medical related questions.

Consult with wellness scan

After receiving your  Canine Life Balance Scan we will set up a phone consult to review your test results to assist you in creating meal plans and  food selection, that will help to balance nutritional gaps that will support your dog life needs. 


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Additional Services

Acupressure and Massage for dogs wellness