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Can dogs take human Vitamins?

Can dogs take human Vitamins? Yes & No

You may be wondering if you can just give your dog vitamins that you use. Well, it’s not that simple. Dogs are different from humans and in many cases your dog can take human vitamins, because that maybe the same ingredients. However, the level of concentration in human vitamins is sometimes not suitable for dogs. Still there are some vitamins you can share with your fur buddy.

Let’s have a look at all of them!

Safe Vitamins

Water-Soluble Vitamins

These human vitamins are safe for your dog. You can easily give it to your dog because only a tiny amount of these vitamins are stored in the body.  You can also give B- complex vitamins. It helps to improve a dog’s digestive system and blood circulation. It has no harm if you give your dog vitamin C, such as folic acid and biotin.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid 

These human vitamins are also safe for your dog. These vitamins are commonly called fish oil and are readily available. But avoid giving this vitamin capsule with a gel cap. Add the fish oil to your dog food because your dog cannot swallow the gel capsule easily, and it can get stuck in their throat.

Unsafe Vitamins

Fat Soluble 

Always avoid giving your dog fat-soluble vitamins. Sometimes these vitamins are stored in fat cells and become the cause of toxicity. Some common fat-soluble vitamins are A, E, K, and D.


Multivitamins are also not safe for your dog. It can cause poisonous effects because it contains iron, calcium, and xylitol. Human multivitamins are not designed according to the body requirements of a dog.

Whole Food Vitamins

Whole food vitamins are suitable for your dog. These natural food vitamins help you to avoid additional vitamin supplements. It is the best option because real food requires different vitamins in a balanced amount. It helps to boost your dog’s immune system and keep their health improved.

Some of the whole food containing vitamins that you should give to your dog are:

  • Kale It is a powerhouse of vitamins because it helps to improve skin health and improve body healing potential.
  • Coconut Oil Enhances hormone functionality such as thyroid. It prevents bad breath and improves the metabolic system. Also, maintain body weight and strengthen defense mechanisms.
  • Mushrooms Safe and Healthy Mushrooms for Pets. Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, and Chaga mushrooms are seven of the most beneficial mushrooms for pets.
  • Meat and Chicken Heart  is the best source of taurine. It is essential for your dog’s cardiac health and vision. Chicken meat provides chondroitin and omega 3 vitamins beneficial for your dog’s joint functions.


Human vitamins are not specially and entirely designed for dogs. It is best to avoid human vitamins if you are unaware of what vitamins you should give to your dog. Only a few human vitamins can be saved, while most human vitamins can be toxic. Human vitamin concentration is not according to a dog’s body needs and composition. The best way is to use whole food vitamins because they are rich and have a balanced amount of required vitamins.

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