A Naturally Balanced Dog

single packs

Bee Nut Buddies Super food for the Love of dogs

Super foods are incredibly nutritious, whole foods that offer a wide arrange of essential micronutrients in high quantities, like vitamins and minerals that we need for our pets bodies to run smoothly and stay disease-free.

Along with essential nutrients, superfoods can heal because they contain very potent and unique compounds beyond vitamins and minerals that protect our immune system, stop renegade cells from reproducing and even kill harmful bacteria in our guts.

Human Grade ingredients


Gluten Free

Grain Free

Soy Free


Natural Enzymes

Super foods can aid in the process of digestions with natural enzymes.

But hey, did you know that enzymes also aid in every biological function in the body and are not just for digestion?

That's right, adding natural enzymes can help keep your dog feeling good.


Super Foods For the Love of Dogs

3 Pack

3- 1 oz variety packs


You might not realize that allergies are considered to be a immune system issue.

And since 80% of the immune system is gut related  that were we want to start.

Adding supper foods can aid in that process.

Fix the gut

Streghten the immune system

Relieve reactions



Healthy Flex

 Joint support

We often think of joint discomfort for only a aging dog,

but consider supporting your dogs joints from early on before you begin to see the signs.

Large breed puppies

Athletic Sporting Dogs

Working Breeds

Bee Nut Buddies

A naturally balanced dog whole food goodness 

A Naturally Balanced dog offers whole food goodness

Pro Paw-Tein


Per Paw Diem

for daily balance


Skin and Coat

 Here are some great ways to add Bee Nut Buddies super foods to your dogs already balanced diet.

 Add Bee Nut Buddies into 8 oz Coco Nut, See our basic Recipe on our blog.

Add Bee Nut Buddies to any homemade meals or treat recipe.