Allergy Treatments for Dogs

We Offer A Three Step Process

Step 1
Identify Food and Environment Sensitivity

Allergy test for pets

We recommend testing for food and environment sensitivity. The results will be your pets road map to achieving optimum health.

You will see what foods your pet is currently sensitive to and steer clear of ingredients that trigger itching, irritation, and other unwanted allergy type symptoms.

Step 2
Create a Custom
Meal Plans

Step 2 Custom Meal Plans A Naturally Balanced Dog

Once you receive your test results, the next step is to create healthy meals that will support and eliminate allergy symptoms. 

Our meal plans include fresh ingredients that include muscle meat, organs, meaty bones, vegetables, seeds, nuts, herbs, and fruit.

Step 3
Strengthen Immune and Digestive System

Super Fydo Foods Support Dog Allergies

Adding Whole Food Supportive Supplement to improve to strengthen your Chi and fill nutritional gaps.

  • Super FydoGreens -detox
  • Super FydoZymes – Digestion
  • Super FydoShrooms -healthy immunity.
(sold separately)
Food Elimination Diet

Whole Pet Wellness Panel Food | environment | Heavy Medal | Nutrition Deficiency

Custom Meals Plan Options. Based upon the results of your dogs testing we can create a pet profile based on your dog and create a fresh food diet plan that meets all life stages.

A Treatment Plan
For Your Dog That Works

Most people believe their dog has allergies because of the symptoms they observe. You may notice your dog scratch and itch, or have hives with swelling or even digestive and ear issues. A allergy is a immune reaction to a substance, were as a sensitivity or intolerance lacks a chemical or enzyme. The majority of pets actually have intolerance and sensitivities. This is why blood draws "IEg" for “allergies” offer poor results. Our Test Whole Pet Wellness Panel test for intolerance's and sensitivity's. But before you can resolve your dogs symptoms, it's important to have more information as to what your dog is reacting to. We offer two options to begin your process.