Canine Acupressure and Massage Wellness

CBD Oil Dogs and Humans, Anxiety, calmness, fear, neurological, seizures, cancer,  joint pain, inflammation

Healing is facilitated by integrating a combination

of modalities to achieve Essential Balance


Wellness and Preventive


Massage and Acupressure can promote your dog's general health and overall well-being.


It can support and improve the immune system, it enhances mental clarity, it can remove toxins that cause illness, and reduces emotional and physical stress.


Our goal is to positively influence you dogs  Physical, Mental and emotional state of wellness.

 Geriatric Dogs


 Massage is effective for increasing and maintaining flexibility and motion.


It supports muscle tone, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints as it reduces stiffness and pain.It can also slows atrophy and muscular skeletal deterioration. 


We can enhance your dog’s  quality of life and support their mood.

Pain Management


Massage is a natural and effective solution for the management of pain. 


It plays an important role of increasing circulation and relaxing the muscles. It pumps oxygen and nutrients to tissues and the vital organs as it allows these areas to become more flexible and heal more readily.


We can assist dogs with chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and pre and post surgery.

Emotionally Balancing 


Massage can help to stabilize dogs that have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect and have genetic disposition.


These dogs suffer from anxiety, stress and fear.


Massage helps bring the a healthy state of balance as it improves both mental and emotional well-being.


Our goal is to rebuild trust through the power of touch.

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