About Christine

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Christine And Her Raw Fed Dogs

Christine - The Fresh Pet Chef

Hi, My Name is Christine for the past 20 years I have had a successful dog training business in the suburbs of Chicago IL. 

My philosophy when working with dogs is based on a Whole Dog experience, that means  working with the physical, mental and emotional state being.

The development of my holistic beliefs and lifestyle was cultivated as a child as was my love for animals. 

My journey to feeding a natural fresh diet for my dogs began in 1987 after  my Sheltie, Brandy passed away.

Brandy had honorably allergies, her life was constant  scratching, biting and licking herself until her fur fell out and her skin crawled from sensitivity to touch. Still to this day it angers me that never in her life did my  vet talk to me about potential food allergy but rather recommended steroids for her life. Back then I just didn’t know better.

Which is why I am here today for you.

After Brandy passed, I went into a two year binge in research before getting my next dog. It was during this time that I was introduced to Raw Food Diets for dogs.  I attended a seminar by  Karen Becker DVM.  That Seminar spurred me to the next 34 years and counting on the importance of nutrition for our dogs.

In the past twenty years, I too have helped 1000’s of dog owners convert their dogs to a fresh diet.

About Breezin 3/10 - 1/21

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About Angie 9/05 - 8/17 Rescued age 5

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Christine's Employment and Education

Whole Dog Trainer and Wellness Coach

  • Professional Dog Trainer
  • Practitioner Acupressure and Massage 
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Small Animal Acupressure- Tall Grass Animal Institute 2008
  • Small Animal Massage- Blue Sky School Massage 2007, 
  • Fruitful Yield /Now Foods – supplements – 7 years
  • Certified Bach Flower Remedies– Nelson 2010, 
  • Certified Enzyme specialist – Enzimedica 2012.
  • Certified Chemistry in Essential Oils  –Center of Aromatherapy Research and Education (2009)
  • Certified  Pet Food Nutrition – DN University  2017, 
  • Certified Carnivore  Nutrition- American Council Animal Naturopathy 2017,
  • Certified Small Animal Food  Therapy- Tall Grass Institute 2017
  • Forks over Knifes Culinary School (Humans) 2017
  • Shaw Academy Nutrition 2019
  • Attended conferences /Seminars/ Training  Raw Round up Conference 2017- 2018-2019 
  • Medicinal Herbs  4 day summit 2016 
  • Food Therapy 4 day Conference 2017
  • Truth about Cancer 4 day Summit 2017 
  • Truth about Pet Cancer 2 day 2018
  • Raw Foods 101- 2020
  • Small Animal Institute – Food Energetic Course 2021 
  • Companion Animal Science Institute / Advanced Nutrition – 2022
  • Guest speaker at Fruitful Yield in throughout the Chicago land area .
  • Over 3000 hours in education

About The Fresh Pet Chef

This website will be a labor of love to offer dog owners a place where they can explore food options and make healthy decisions on their dogs health.


With my education and my strongest desire, I know in my heart that I am following my life’s work.

The final stop

About Strider 11/01 - 5/13 & Lexi 1/05 - 4/13

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Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to making sure each bite is delicious and nutritional.

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Spanish Podenco – James age 4, came to me as a foster in 2017, which failed and he is now apart of my pack. Rescued form Podenco and Friends

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Egyptian Pharaoh Hound – Penny age 2, is currently fostering. Penny took to raw food with no complications and is now gaining weight, her coat shines like glass and her teeth have improved.

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Egyptian Pharaoh Hound – Phizzie now age 7, came to me from a breeder who also is a raw feeder. Phizzie is a a third generation raw feed, meaning her parents, grand and great-grand parents all raw feed.

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The Fresh Pet Chef with her dogs Jamie, Phizzie, and Breezin. Christine who is a veterinarian eats raw veggies and fruit. 🙂 But realizes that that is not a appropriate diet for her dogs.