A New Dog Food Allergy Test That Could Help Keep Your Pup Healthy

A New Dog Food Sensitivity Test That Could Help Keep Your Pup Healthy

A New Dog Food Sensitivity Test That Could Help Keep Your Pup Healthy

Your dog food Sensitivity test can be performed at home by simply mailing in a hair sample to our lab.  You will receive the test results by email in about 10 days. Your test results will provide a list of foods your dog is sensitive to in his or her diet, allowing you to change the food they eat or simply avoid those ingredients in the future.

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To perform this test, you will need to purchase our Whole Pet Wellness Panel  The Whole Pet Wellness Panel is not a traditional allergy testing. BIORESONANCE technology is a non-invasive analysis used in many cultures, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Western Holistic Medicine, Dietitians, and General Practitioners.In Fact Bio-resonance technology can identify imbalances within the body and in some cases before they even manifest.This is why Customers LOVE Whole Pet Wellness Panel. A Pet Food and Environment Intolerance and Sensitive Test. 

If you want to know what your dog truly needs to stay healthy and happy, consider doing the Sensitivity Test at home. This simple test will help you determine which foods are problematic for your dog, but be sure to consult with our Nutrition Specialist if you have any questions.

Many dog owners are confused about how to test their dog’s food sensitivity and then create a fresh raw dog food diets at home. However, there are many recipes to choose from in you join our Fresh Food Members Club that you can prepare for your dog at home . You can eliminate your dogs sensitivities or allergies and help keep your pup healthy.

Most dogs will have some kind of intolerance or allergy towards certain ingredients in their food – such as chicken, beef, grains, etc. It’s important to test your dog’s food sensitivity because it could be causing serious health issues in them, and they might not even be showing signs of it. Are you unsure if your dog’s skin problems and other health issues could be caused by the food you feed it? If so, then you should consider testing the contents of your dog’s meals to make sure that it isn’t causing any problems in its system.

Once upon a time, food sensitivity tests were expensive, invasive, and required that your dog stays in the vet’s clinic. Now technology has advanced to make it more convenient to do home test without the added cost of going to your vet.  The Whole Pet Wellness Panel is widely available to all pet owners, and one of the best places to find them is on the internet. Dogs that have food allergies can have severe reactions to eating certain foods, especially common allergens like beef, dairy, and corn. Food sensitivities can also cause skin irritation, gastrointestinal upset and even behavioral issues if your pet goes without the right diet or feels sick all the time due to irritability and discomfort caused by the allergy itself.

Our process is simple. (1) Make Your Purchase (2) Collect hair sample (3) Send directly to lab (4) Receive test results within 7 days of your samples arrival. (5) Results to your test is emailed.

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