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Pet Food and Environmental Intolerance Testing

Pet Food and Environmental Testing

A Naturally Balanced Dog uniquely offers pet parents a natural way of addressing their pets health and allergies symptoms

Relieve Your Pets Symptoms In Three Steps

Pet Sensitivity Test

The first step to a symptom free life is to identifies the elements that are causing your dog to be reactive

Custom Diet Plan

once your dogs sensitivities have been identified the healing process can begin with fresh food diet.

Supportive supplements

Equally Important is building your dogs Immune system and gut health that will allow your dog to ..

Intolerance Testing and Raw Dog Food Diets

Customer Reviews

I have learned so much from Christine about dogs, dog nutrition and dog healthcare. Dogs are not just her job; they are her passion. She truly loves and cares about dogs. I could not imagine a better atmosphere for training a dog/puppy than Christine provides!
Jacqueline K
I Love that she treats the Whole dog and has a holistic approach. I have been reading great posts and information on her website too. Her natural products she provides and utilizes really complement the training.
I found Christine on a Yelp search and I'm so glad that I did! She has impacted my dogs life (and my life) in so many positive ways. It started with training but she has also become my go-to person for allergy info, diet recommendations and most questions I have about heath and behavior. When I can't solve a problem, she always has a practical solution on how I work with my dog to change/ improve the behavior. Using Christine's approach, I always get results. I would highly recommend Christine! For us, she is much more than a trainer. She is a guru of all things pup and we will always seek her help!
Raw food diet dogs
Amie R
Christine helped me formulate a meal plan for my older dogs, who were severely over weight, they have lost over 15lbs and look amazing! I will be referring any pet parents to A Naturally Balanced Dog
Dog eating raw food diet
I ordered Whole Pet Wellness Panel after spending $1200.00 at the vet for my dogs anal gland infection that wouldn't go away.
When I received the test results, I made 3 simple changes to my dogs diet and the infection was gone in less that a week.
And since have ordered the test for my other dogs and cleaned up their diet with great results.

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