Intolerance Testing and Raw Dog Food Diets

Take Control Over Your Dogs Symptoms Naturally

Allergy Test for Dogs

Whole Pet Wellness Panel identifies food & environment sensitivities which are key to resolving your dog allergies

Custom meal Plan

a lightly cooked or raw food recipe can reduce symptoms and begins the healing process

Supportive supplements

Equally Important is building your dogs Immune system and gut health

Nutrition Specialist


As a consultant, I teach pet owners how to advocate for healthful solutions for their dog that suffers from the symptoms of allergies. Through this work, my clients find relief from the frustration of feeling helpless, become enthusiastic about the wellness of their animal, and discover new alternatives and cost saving options that allow them to control the results of their pet's health.

Food & Environment Testing For Pets

Get Relief For Your
Dog's Symptoms Now

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Food Specialist

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