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A Naturally Balanced Dog

Home of Super FydoPHoods

A Naturally Balanced Dog

Home of Super FydoPHoods

Welcome to A Naturally Balanced Dog

Super Food for Dogs A Nautrally Balanced Dog

Super Foods for Dogs

Super FydoPhoods are a great way to add nutritional value to your home made dog food as it may narrow nutritional gaps. 


We use freeze dried organic veggies and fruits that can offer natural pain relief for dogs and help support joints, digestion, skin and coat, allergies, and calming for anxiety .

Canine Nutrition & Wellness Testing

If your dog is experiencing digestive upsets, gas, bloating, diarrhea, scratching,  itching, allergies, smelly ears, chewing on paws, joint issues, lacks focus, suffers  from anxiety, depression, displays aggression, then you may want more insight

Herbal Remedies & CBD Oil for Dogs

Flower Remedies are liquid extracts that are used to uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness.


They can assist with dogs that experience anxiety, fear, dominance, aggression, grief, and support them during life changes. In addition can provide a natural remedies for dog allergies.

Homemade Meats & Treats for Dogs

We only use human grade food in our meat and treats.

We do not use additives or dyes we keep it simple and clean and dogs love it that way.

The best natural dog treats!!

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